Antioxidant-rich mushrooms can protect your brain from toxins

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Detox with this Italian ‘shroom’ secret

It’s all well and good to chase a “youthful” glow, but none of the “anti-aging” secrets you’ll see at the cosmetic counter will actually hit you where it counts — in your BRAIN.

You see, your gray matter is exposed to toxins EVERY DAY — not only from the environment, but also from substances found inside YOUR OWN BODY.

I’m talking about free radicals, which can create a cyclone of destruction long after your exposure to environmental toxins has ceased.

Over time, they can accumulate and cause injury to the delicate cells between your ears, which is why neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are more common as we age.

But a new study may have discovered a “fountain of youth” for your gray matter — and it’s something you may already enjoy in your breakfast scrambles and favorite meat marinades and gravies.

It’s mushrooms — and it turns out they’re chock-full of TWO potent antioxidants that can protect your brain from toxic damage.

In the study out of Penn State, researchers analyzed 13 different types of mushrooms for their antioxidant content.

And if you’ve ever perused the mushroom aisle in the produce section, you know how many different types of ‘shrooms are available from around the world these days.

And it turned out that ALL of the mushrooms they studied contained a pair of antioxidants known to fight against toxic substances in the brain.

First up, there’s glutathione.

Now, if you’ve been reading my eTips for a while now, you’ll recall that we consider glutathione the “master” antioxidant. Your brain can benefit from its powerful protection, as can your ENTIRE body.

And we know that in the brains of many folks diagnosed with diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, a DEFICIENCY of glutathione has been found (usually, after it’s too late to do anything about it).

The other antioxidant is one with a tongue-twister of a name, ergothioneine. You don’t have to be able to pronounce it in order for it to shield your brain from those free radicals I mentioned — and studies have shown that countries with more ergothioneine in their diets, like France and Italy, also have lower rates of neurodegenerative diseases.

When you put their power together, glutathione and ergothioneine deliver a one-two punch to toxins… lowering your risk of not just Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s… but also of other health conditions that tend to sock it to older folks, like cancer and coronary heart disease.

And the new study found that mushrooms have higher amounts of this antioxidant duo than pretty much anything else you could put in your mouth!

But believe it or not, not all mushrooms were created equal — and the study found that porcini mushrooms contain more glutathione and ergothioneine than any of the other varieties studied.

Imagine that — a brain-saving secret, straight from the forest floors of Italy!

But if you can’t find porcinis… or they’re not your favorite fungus… go ahead and pick whatever variety is tastiest to you. You can get a hit of these antioxidants from pretty much any kind of mushroom you find at any grocery store.

I’ve got more news on the ‘shroom front coming up for you later today. Keep an eye on your inbox!